Thursday, November 15, 2018

About Us

Mountain is here to provide a source of all the local information you need.

Interactive Community Information Website: To provide a one stop site for the White Mountain’s which draws together all the information of our mountain communities while letting everyone share information too. We want to help you make it easy to decide where to eat, where to play and where to stay if visiting. To help us enjoy all that we have here on the mountain

To provide an outlet of Classified Ads and Job listing from a site that will be seen by thousands.

The founders of Mountain 411, have always loved the White Mountains. We live here and want to provide the area with a way to share information between us so we can more fully enjoy living in what we believe to be the greatest place to live in the USA. Since the 60’s our family has been coming up to enjoy the climate and attractions of this pristine area. We finally moved up to this area one by one beginning 30 years ago (1988). Together we have enjoyed many of the activities and experiences this diverse area offers. Now we want to give back to the area by providing an internet source by which our White Mountain Community can share, be informed and enjoy where we live even more.

Together we have worked in this community to provide several businesses that make our lives more fun and we hope this website will be the ultimate vehicle to provide that fun and help link our community information.